No longer us


A look back into the memories of a life lived.

May be years later,

we will cross the same paths again.

We will be too old by then;

unrecognizable with

silver strands of hair,

laugh wrinkles and

torn saggy skin.

But you and me,

will still remain

each other’s most familiar face.

Memories will flash by.

All the lived moments,

unconquered dreams and

shared happiness

will take their rebirth on us.

Past will give a smirk.

But time will no longer

be in our grip.

It has slipped by.

We have lost.


A glance will be shared

for one last time.

Our eyes will speak

so many broken stories,

seeking for a closure

in that deep painful silence.

Future will drag us forward,

forcing to let

the baggage of past go.

We will pretend that,

we don’t know each other,

before the one’s

holding our hands,

that time.

Life will give a sigh

and so will we.

“May be, in another life time.”

We will whisper

to our own wounded hearts

and will pass by each other

like two strangers,

holding millions of unforgettable memories,


Life is difficult.


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