To my best friend

Dear best friend, I know, we scarcely confess how much we love each other and make thank you notes. However, let this be one among them.┬áThank you for letting me have the privilege to say that, I have someone in life who’s this close to my heart. Thank you for letting me be myself around …

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To the depressed

Let’s talk depression today. You don’t even feel like waking up in the morning. Each day is a struggle. Your heart is heavy and body is bruised. You try to get over it, but end up falling more into it. You wish people could understand the situation you are in. All they say is, to …

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To womanhood

To womanhood is an article written for every female gene out there. An appreciation: You stood strong, when your childhood got brutally spoiled. You were bold enough to say no to that “nice” uncle who touched you not so nicely. Falling in love with a guy, who loved someone else was destiny. Fate happened when …

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