To womanhood

To womanhood

To womanhood is an article written for every female gene out there.

An appreciation:

You stood strong, when your childhood got brutally spoiled. You were bold enough to say no to that “nice” uncle who touched you not so nicely. Falling in love with a guy, who loved someone else was destiny. Fate happened when the guy for whom you fought with your parents and friends, left you for his parents and friends. It was never easy, when you got forced into a relation you never felt right. You broke, when your best friend, whom you trusted on with everything in life proved to be a back stabber. It wasn’t easy for you to put away your little dreams for someone else’s bigger dreams. You stood strong when you lost your career for no reasons.

You stood strong, when people started assuming things about you. When you overheard a gang discussing stories about you, you handled it with brave. Cruel it was, when you heard the nasty abuses of a gynecologist for someone you trusted with your life. Home became hell for you. You stood strong, when you faced the most uncomfortable questions in life. You stood strong when you had to tolerate abuses; physically, verbally and mentally. You stood strong, when you were too young to consult a psychiatrist. Even when diagnosed with depression and anxiety, you didn’t give up. It was heartbreaking to see your favorite humans leaving you forever. You stood strong, when you really wanted to break down. You stood strong, when you were in the verge of giving up.

But you stood strong. You stood strong because you had no options left, other than being strong. But know this; you are magic, you are worthy, you are unstoppable. You are above everyone’s brutal decisions, rude opinions and silly reasons. Never settle for anything other than the best. These dark clouds will definitely go away one day. Happy people, happier faces and happiest days are waiting ahead to meet you. It’ll not take that long. I promise. Just hold on.

Finally, a note to womanhood: Celebrate yourself, you matter!


Incase, you missed your best friend while reading this, do check out this and share it with her.

Also, sharing with you one of my favorite poems to womanhood written by Maya Angelou here. Don’t forget to go through it and appreciate its beauty.

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