To the depressed


Let’s talk depression today.

You don’t even feel like waking up in the morning. Each day is a struggle. Your heart is heavy and body is bruised. You try to get over it, but end up falling more into it. You wish people could understand the situation you are in. All they say is, to go out, chill and you’ll be fine. But you know yourself that, it’s not going to work that way. You don’t know how you feel. You are not sad, you are not happy. All you feel is emptiness, in and out. You no longer feel yourself. Life has lost its meaning. May be there are sad people around you. But all you can see is happy faces. And that hits you again. You wish to sleep all day. People started noticing your changed life pattern. But you don’t care. Sleep is a kind of escapism for you. All day you sleep and all night you stay up, asking yourself where it all went wrong. You just want to end things up; the pain, the trauma and the life. You even started thinking how everyone’s life will be better without you.

You wish you could explain what exactly you are feeling. But you are tired. You are exhausted. At times you feel, you are okay. You go out and try to be normal. But in the middle of nowhere depression hits you again. And all you need is to run back home and to be left alone. You can see yourself changing. You started breaking things, shouting at people, walking out and creating a mess almost every time. You know you are annoying others. But you can’t help. You hurt people when, you are hurt inside. You don’t wish to. But again, you can’t help. They say pain makes people strong. But no, you become fragile. Every little thing starts affecting you. Everything makes you cry. Everyone seems to destroy you. You are damaged. You shut people out. You speak harsh. You are wounded and you bleed on others. You wish to come out, you try, but you fail.

But it’s okay. You are not alone. Millions are struggling with depression and anxiety problems each day. Be gentle on yourself. Because only you know what you feel. Talk with someone you feel good. Try to avoid over thinking. Sleep early, as you may already know, depression is in its best mood, midnight. Don’t try to suppress your feelings. Let it be. It’s okay. Stop recalling past. It has nothing new to tell you. Try adopting a food and sleep pattern that fits you best. Indulge in activities that can give you happiness. When someone comes up with a conversation that you know, can disturb your peace of mind, ask them to stop right there. This is the best time to know yourself. Pamper yourself more. Take a hot water bath, do hair spa and sometimes even a body massage too can work. Whatever fits you best, choose that. Don’t try to jump over this condition. Let it come, let it be there and then let it go. I know, nothing feels right for you, right now. But trust me, this shall too pass. This will pass. Give it some time. Trust the process. You are getting healed; slowly but definitely.

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