To my best friend

Best friend

Dear best friend,

I know, we scarcely confess how much we love each other and make thank you notes. However, let this be one among them. 
Thank you for letting me have the privilege to say that, I have someone in life who’s this close to my heart. Thank you for letting me be myself around you. Thank you for knowing the meaning of my tiniest gestures and vague expressions. Thank you for knowing my favorite flavor of ice cream and the amount of cheese, I would like to have in my popcorn. Thank you for bringing up the best for me; from lipsticks to boys. Thank you for making me understand when to hold on and when to let go of certain things in life. Thank you for being my user manual, each time I’m out on a date. Thank you for handling all my dramas and tantrums, after getting my heart broken by the same boy, you warned about.

Thank you for being my 2.00 am shoulder to cry on, when everyone else are sound asleep. Thank you for always being a call away, even when we are a thousand miles apart. Thank you for fighting with me, whenever I get slightly close to someone else. Thank you for shouting at me, whenever I did mistakes. Thank you for clicking hundreds of ugly selfies with me, even when you know each one of them is gonna be in trash folder later. Thank you for coming up with the profile of my crush’s ex’s roomie’s bf, you accidentally landed on while stalking. Thank you for all the screenshots you have saved in your phone, in case I need them later. Thank you for being mad at me, whenever you feel like I’m slightly drifting away from you. Thank you for knowing what makes me happy in life, over anyone else. Thank you for always having a hug ready, that fixes everything. 

Finally, thank you for the beautiful sanctuary you have built for me over these years. It has been my refuge, ever since I met you. You are all my happiness put together in a single person, my person. I love you. Always.


Your best friend.

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