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Hey! I’m Aparna Subhash.

Happy welcome to my blog, She Scribbles.

Since you have decided to know a little bit about me, go grab a cup of coffee or even tea would do (if you are a chai-person like me) and settle yourself. Meanwhile, I’ll try to contain everything I know about myself, in the shortest way possible. But I’m super chatty and an extra-extrovert (wait, is there a word like that, whatever!), so this can get quite long. Well, the introduction itself is getting quite long; see, I told you! Come, let’s jump right into what I’m, before your drink gets cold.

I was born in Kerala, as the only child of my then-young parents; actually, still they are, young and fit. All my childhood memories revolve around my grandmother and cousins. Even now, relishing those days steal the greater part of all our cousins’ sleep-overs. We had such a happy time, together. Teenage was all about my school friends. School was in fact, my first home, not the second. I got the best people in my life from there. Unlike most of the teens, who are confused of their career path after school, I was pretty confident. I chose dentistry. Well, now you would be thinking what a dentist is doing here with stories and poems instead of cavities and braces. Let me complete. As I told I was pretty confident, that was a bit of over-confidence. Dentistry and me were parallel lines, not in plan to intersect anytime in future.

And you know what? I dropped the course nearly one and a half years later. Ah! Those days were really difficult, it rained heavily on my life, sometimes it rains even today. Sigh! But then, it was the beginning of something beautiful. Rains faded and rainbows started showing themselves from one of the corners. And Literature happened in my life! It was a bolt from the blue. I have been an admirer of pretty words put together. But I never thought I would end up in doing English Literature for my bachelor’s degree. The career shift was initially difficult but since there was no point in beating a dead horse, I moved on. But because of that decision, I’m in cloud nine today! Even now, when I’m sitting and typing this for you to read, I literally know, how happiness of following your passion feels like.

And in midway happened so many craps, but let’s take a direct ticket to late March of 2020. It was the “pehla nasha, pehla khumaar” time of my life. I met Hari, my home and my person. He was my super-senior in school, but 2020 wasn’t planned back in 2012, I swear. After Hari, life has been so good to be true for me, touchwood. He is literally the Dhruv to my Kavya (ignore this part if you aren’t a fan of Little Things). He is the one who made me realize, it is the now that really matters in life. Back to being a kid again, that’s how it feels to be with him. Hari, if you are reading this, thank you. You are magic!

And today, that is on 26th of November of 2020, I’m a postgraduate student of Digital Marketing and Communications from MICA, Ahmedabad. And you are reading this, because of the constant nagging, dragging and occasional begging made by my fiancĂ©, to do a blog. So, if you got bored reading this whole drama, it’s totally on him.

Anyways, thanks a bunch for stopping by and sparing your time for this tiny chatter box. Now, go dissect my posts and let me know how they made you feel. I would love to hear from you all. No, in fact, “we” would love to hear from you all. (I could literally see Hari’s “wait, what? Did she say “I” kinda face while reading that. Cute!) So, yeah, write to us and let us know. Also, visit my blog often. Aparna and her stories will be waiting for you here! (Also, hope I finished this off while your coffee is still hot enough!)

Happy reading!

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