Month: November 2020

To womanhood

To womanhood is an article written for every female gene out there. An appreciation: You stood strong, when your childhood got brutally spoiled. You were bold enough to say no to that “nice” uncle who touched you not so nicely. Falling in love with a guy, who loved someone else was destiny. Fate happened when …

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Paradise found.

One day, someone special will walk into your life when you are least prepared for it; when you are in the verge of a break down; when you are merely existing rather than living. That someone, will be different from all others you have come across and met in life. That someone, will let you …

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Somedays, my lonely heart drags me into that old familiar home, that felt like my only home, years and years back. I feel his scent right at the doorstep and refuses to go inside. But the soft touch of his hands, welcomes me inside, just like it did, years and years back. The floor, still …

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